MGT 448 Final Exam / totally correct answers

1 . While staff in manufacturing industrial sectors are considered being vulnerable to the negative effects of globalization, personnel in service industries are comparatively secure.

a. True

w. False

installment payments on your Which of the following was set up to promote economic development globally?

a. World Lender

b. Intercontinental Monetary Fund

c. United Nations

d. World Trade Corporation

3. Firms hope to lower their total cost framework or improve the quality or functionality of their product supplying which allows them to compete more effectively by doing

a. deceptive pricing practices.

b. outsourcing of main functions.

c. dumping.

g. globalization of production.

5. In the early 20th 100 years, the interpersonal ideology split up into two wide categories – communism and social democracy – both of which were nonetheless going good at the beginning of the 21st century

a. True

b. False

your five. Political devices can be assessed according to 2 dimensions. Which will of the following is one among them?

a. The degree that they are socialist or capitalist.

b. The degree to which they are democratic or perhaps totalitarian.

c. The degree where they are based on religious principles.

d. The ability orientation from the society.

6th. Individualism lies emphasis on the value of ensuring individual flexibility and home expression

a. by letting some communautaire body specify what is inside the society's best interest.

b. by viewing the needs of society in general.

c. simply by restricting anything that runs table to " the good of society. "

d. by simply letting people pursue their particular economic self-interest.

7. Norms are summary ideas as to what a group is convinced to be very good, right, and desirable.

a. True

m. False

eight. _____ will be the routine conventions of everyday your life

b. Ideals

b. Folkways

c. Traditions

d. Mores

9. Rules are?

a. abstract suggestions about what a bunch believes to become good, correct, and appealing.

b. cultural rules and guidelines that prescribe ideal behavior in particular situations.

c. routine conferences of everyday life.

d. a connection of several individuals who have a shared sense of id.

10. There may be benefits to trade possibly for goods a country will produce for itself.

a. Authentic

b. Phony

11. When a country much more efficient than any other nation in making a particular item it is said to acquire

a. a complete advantage.

b. mobile resources.

c. a comparative benefits.

d. decreasing returns.

12. Which of the following theories stresses that some countries specialize in the production and export of particular products not because of fundamental differences in aspect endowments, but because in most industries the earth market can support only a small number of organizations?

a. New trade.

m. Trade bloc

c. Free of charge trade

m. Balance of trade

13. Both government and buyers realize significant gains because of tariffs, when domestic producers typically get a negative result.

a. The case

b. Bogus

14. This is certainly a sampling on trade imposed by exporting region at the obtain of the importing country's federal government.

a. Tariff rate quota.

b. Sampling rent.

c. Voluntary foreign trade restraint.

deb. Embargo.

15. How does a subsidy influence international transact?

a. By competing against international imports.

m. By favoring consumers.

c. By demanding that several specific portion of a great be created domestically.

deb. By imposing a sampling on control at the obtain of the adding country's authorities.

16. FDI flows had been steadily elevating from 75 to...


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