Musuan Peak or Mount Musuan /ˈmʊswən/, also known as Mount Calayo (/kəˈlɑːjoʊ/, practically " Fireplace Mountain" ) is an active volcano on this island then of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is 5. 5 kms south from the city of Valencia,  province of Bukidnon, and 81 km southeast of Cagayan para Oro Town


The reduced cone is definitely grass-covered and andesitic-to-dacitic in composition. Musuan last engulfed in December 1886, as a Jesuit priest reported who have visited the volcano 4 years later on in 1891, at which time there was even now strong fumarolic activity, which will prevented better examination. The eruption was probably phreatic in characteristics, and was reported to obtain " used up everything about it". 1976 seismic swarm

A strong earthquake swarm happened near Musuan volcano in 1976.

Biliran is an solfataric active volcano and a volcanic island located in Biliran Province of the Eastern Visayas Region (Region VIII), in Visayasislands selection of the central Philippines. It is among the active volcanoes in the Israel.

Biliran volcano comprises the full 20x35 kilometers Island of Biliran which can be formed with a group of lava domes. It truly is located across the narrow Biliran Strait through the northern idea of Leyte Island. Biliran volcano are at the northern end of any 170 km long scenic chain stretching SSE to Panaon Island. The only regarded historic activity took place in 26 Sept 1939 and consisted of a phreatic surge accompanied possibly by a dust avalanche. Ash fell in Caibiran town 12 km to the E. There are numerous fumarole fields, hot springs, mud pools and heat areas in Biliran.

The Pocdol Mountains are a volcanic group of stratovolcanos in the Philippines. The range is likewise known as the Bacon-Manito Volcanic Group.

The volcanic Pocdol Mountains (also called Bacon-Manito complex) are a band of volcanic cones between Saragon Bay and Albay Gulf of mexico in the southern part of Luzon. A few of the cones are probably only a few many years old. A fumarole discipline and a geyser are found in...


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