They originated from the East

Author: Gabriela Rincon

The oral composition " They came from the East” was produced by Natives of Central America particularly Mayans who had their own is convinced regarding creation and characteristics where mountains, caves and the atmosphere had close relationship with life and death, present and upcoming. These people had been led to convert into a different religion by the moment the Spanish conquerors came to guideline their property. They originated in the East when they get there. Then Christianity also commenced. This imposition lately started to be a source of problems to get the local people. The aim of this kind of poem is usually to reflect the effects of switching into the Spanish religion. This text reveals the resignation natives acquired regarding the introduction of the Spanish and the negative influence they had on changing their perceptions and feels. The use of the terms the true Goodness the true Yahve may signify they supported that Goodness they talk about but turned down the consequences installed with this kind of religion. Specifically, in this textual content we can notice a reproach in the way these types of Spanish had taken advantage of the natives by using the Christian religion. Listed below are words used to demonstrate the abuse the natives received in the name of Christianity: tribute, chapel dues, purse-snatching, forced debt, false tales, vexation. They will associated Christianity to inexpensive difficulties and misfortune. They describe resentfully their Christianization from the beginning in the poem to the end when it was the beginning of our misery and the beginning of vexation. It is clear that the message Natives are sending is their particular disappointment and resignation. It looks like they anticipated something different coming from the Spanish and their believes but they only received treachery, nuisance, persecution and affliction, as stated before, quick vexation for their tribes.


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