Today's european ideas, corporations, and values were primarily created by Ancient Greeks. The western culture have been influenced by Ancient Greeks in many ways. The westerners learned the concept of hominocentrism, sea trade and sea power; raise livestock, democracy and creation of the Olympics from the Historical Greeks.

The idea of hominocentrism, observed human beings in the middle of the world, was created by Ancient Greeks. Even though today we avoid using the term " hominocentrism" we still do assume that we are the center of the world and this incredibly concept helps us obtain our goals. The westerners adopted the idea of sea transact and marine power from the Ancient Greeks. Westerners' today trade across the sea with individuals of different countries which gives these people sea electricity. The Historical Greeks suggestions helped americans become experienced sailors.

The various road blocks nature positioned on the Greeks actually helped them to develop skills and interests that eventually manufactured them both highly effective and formative. They provided the americans the idea of increasing livestock. The Ancient Greeks created Democracy, the Olympics and viewpoint. These designs coexisted with constant struggling with between Ancient greek language cities as well as the ancient nasty of captivity. Western ideas of Democracy and the Olympics are the same even today.

Western ideas, institutions, and values are generally created by Ancient Greeks. Many of the americans adopted the Ancient Greek ideas in order to live successfully. If it weren't to get the Ancient Greeks and the intelligence the western tips, institutions, and values might have been different today.




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