Military Existence During the Municipal War

Armed forces life through the Civil War was no convenient task for both Union and Confederate forces. 1000s of soldiers kept their homes for many months, living in very small tents and fighting in bloody challenges. Many encountered disease, misery, and loss of life while in camps and on the battlefield. Soldiers had these huge challenges and gave up various luxuries simply to fight for all their cause.

Camps in the two North as well as the South were laid out uniformly. Army rules called for camps to be define in a grid-like pattern while using officers' sectors at the front plus the soldiers' sectors near the end; similar to the lines of battle. Most camps had their own medical cabin, baggage train, and clutter tents which has been where the military ate. Soldiers' tents were created out of canvas and were very cramped. They presented little protection from rough climate and were commonly damp. The tents were known as dog outdoor tents by the military because the males would declare, 'only a puppy would go underneath it to remain dry from your rain'.

The military camps on both sides were on a regular basis reported since filthy and unsanitary. Scents from the latrines and waste were apparent all through the entire area. Military, who occasionally went weeks without washing, were infested with fleas and lice. Widespread sickness was common because people did not realize that bacteria caused conditions. At the end of the war, it had been found that the majority of the casualties were due to diseases.

On the other hand, food in camp was usually ample. Meat including beef, rooster, and pork was dished up to the military most every single day. Flour was readily available as well. Even fruit and veggies were presented along with coffee, sodium, and sugar. Clean water was scarce, however , and led to many diseases over the camps. Union soldiers had been often given better quality foods because of a great deal of railroads and trains. Confederate forces had been often forced to take charitable contributions or steal food coming from...


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