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Caucasia Discussion Questions

1 . Caucasia starts with Birdie's recollection: " A long time ago We disappeared. 1 day I was below, the next I used to be gone. " Why does Bird come to think about herself while having " disappeared" when living since Jesse Goldman? Is her ability to go away a benefit or a problem? Is Birdie " passing" when the lady calls very little black, or when she calls herself white? When is she not really passing?

installment payments on your Cole and Birdie speak Elemeno, a language given its name their favorite albhabets in the buchstabenfolge, " without having verb tenses, no pronouns, just words and phrases floating outside time and space, without owner or direction" (p. 6). How does Elemeno reflect the sisters' positions in their as well as in the world? How come Elemeno continue to be so important to Birdie through the novel?

several. In what methods is the pressure between Exotic and Cole typical of that between any mother and daughter, and what methods is it certain to an mixte family? Do you really agree with Cole's statement: " Mum does not know anything about raising a black child" (p. 44)? Does Exotic treat her two daughters differently depending on their appearances?

4. Officially, Birdie has no name. Her birth license " still reads 'Baby Lee, ' like the gravestone of several stillborn child" (p. 17). Her sister's name, in the meantime, was originally Colette following the French author, but was after shortened to Cole. Discuss the significance of the sisters' brands.

5. Bird refers to time she consumes on the run with Sandy, when " the lie of the false identities seemed irrelevant" (p. 116), as " dreamlike. " Despite a sense of loneliness, Bird says the girl felt " comfort in that state of incompletion" (p. 116). Do you feel that this experience weighed more absolutely or in a negative way in Birdie's development? At the conclusion of the book, has the lady found " completion" -or will the girl continue to live in this express of incompletion?

6. Just how did Exotic and Birdie's stay at Aurora...


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