Compare & Contrast: Poe's " Annabel Lee” and Yeats' " Cloths of Heaven” Because two of the very best classical poets in the history of literature, William Butler Yeats and Edgar Allen Poe constantly compete for my personal favored reflexion. Their poetry, such as " Annabel Lee” and " Aedh Wants for the Cloths of Heaven” (now more commonly referred to as " This individual Wishes pertaining to the Cloths of Heaven”), have established the develop for some with the greatest passionate poetry of the time. The two were made into songs that i have had the most privilege in mastering and executing in apaiser. They also both speak of a profound, uncorrupted, and unfathomable love by which both of the narrators work with details, and lack thereof, to paint all their words into pictures inside our minds. They share this kind of unreserved and unrestrained suitable that like can get over and are all around through virtually any obstacle, in this case death and poverty. In this case, however , I favor Annabel Shelter where take pleasure in is found, lost, yet still resounds. William Retainer Yeats' composition " He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” was written in 1899 and is of a man who have compares the essence with the heavens with all the makings of his love for a woman. While the sexes of the narrator and the take pleasure in are not especially detailed, the poem was written with Yeats' figure Aedh at heart as the narrator. This individual suggests that the heavens (everything above, not really the biblical sense in the word) were carefully built and that he yearns to be able to give her this kind of absolute and beautiful towel. He also shows the differing overall look of this " cloth” during the day when he declares, " Of night and light and the half-light”. This could usually be perceived that he could be meaning that not only does he want to give her the heavens, but every single sense of the people heavens, through eternity. Inside the poem he states, " But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your foot; Tread gently because you tread in the dreams. ” He wants he had the heavens to lie beneath her feet, but he could be poor and can only...


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