The Case Against College

In " The situation Against College", Caroline Chicken questions the necessity for college plus the education it offers. She says that school is accepted--without question. She holds that conventional knowledge and data show all high school graduates will be more responsible, and better than those who tend not to go. Bird's column is devoted to shredding down the school institution. Your woman fails to recognize the many rewards and purposes of college.

Parrot points out that we now have many university graduates selling shoes and driving cabs. She fails to mention that there are plenty of college teachers doing medical research, controlling corporations, teaching children and practicing law. She writes, " We've been told that young adults have to go to school because the economy cannot absorb plenty of untrained eighteen-year-olds. " (pg. 39). But , wherever did this info result from? Is this fact or thoughts and opinions? She procedes say, " But frustrated graduates will be learning it can no longer absorb an army of trained twenty-two-year-olds, either.... " (pg. 40). The world will probably 'absorb' these individuals whether they enroll in college or not, whatever their age. Just isn't it better that they are soaked up with some teaching and education that goes over and above the basics of high school? I believe so. I do believe a college education does build a better person.

With the exception of particular majors and fields of study including law or perhaps medicine, college or university does not always prepare a person for any trip. College shows an individual to produce his or her ability to learn. Your brain is much like muscle of our physiques; it needs being taxed to be able to improve. College offers the opportunity to develop examine skills, check out the arts, faith, philosophy and science. It causes individuals to examine more closely that which they take for face value. Aren't many Americans misinformed about a history of our region? Secondary college teaches us to be devoted. Black involvement in our background...


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