1 . 1 The Supplier is obliged to arrange bunkering from the vessels with fuel and lubricants relative to the demand letter, hence duration of bunkering process can be defined by simply technological highlights of bunkering method and quantity of fuel and lubricants announced by the Customer for bunkering. 1 . 2 The Customer is usually obliged to give in due time the vessel pertaining to bunkering in agreed with all the Supplier place, accept pay for the fuel and lubricants in proper period.


2 . you Total price of the Contract is determined by request letters from the customer. 2 . 2 The quantity and cost of the fuels and lubes is determined by the coordinated request letters from the Customer, Final product's price includes all of the overhead expenditures comprising delivery of gas oil, bunkering operations, taxation and customs formalities. installment payments on your 3 Cost for a ton of Gas is established inside the amount with the price of the supplier, current on the day of delivery in ALL OF US dollars: Cost 1- just in case there is a Buyer's indication in the request for bunkering a vessel about need to fill out customs paperwork in accordance with the customs process of supply transfer. Price 2- in case there is no signal in the request for bunkering a vessel about necessity to fill in traditions documentation relative to the traditions procedure of supply copy. 2 . four On the fact of bunkering the Supplier aims invoices to the Customer to pay for bunker fuel, bunkering services and transport expenses in accordance with the p. installment payments on your 2 from the present Deal. 2 . your five The Customer should be to pay the accounts inside 30 diary days since the moment of bunkering. Another party may possibly pay on such basis as the Contract. 2 . 6th If fuel supply was carried out based on the Shopper's request by Price one particular, but the customs authorities did not confirm completely or simply the actual removal of the Gas, the supplier has the right to demand through the Buyer to pay a compensation in the amount of difference among Prices you and 2, based on the amount of the Fuel, which removing was not confirmed. The Buyer in this case is liable to create payment relative to an additional invoice during 12-15 (fifteen) work schedule days. installment payments on your 7 The consumer carries all charges in transfer involving resources. installment payments on your 8 The paying is definitely effected in USA us dollars

beneath the following important elements:

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3. 1 ) The Supplier is appreciated to:

- Provide gasoil delivery and bunkering of the User's vessels ahead of they put in accordance for the request characters. - Arrange bunkering method meeting all of the requirements of fireplace and environmental safety; - Provide the providers on persuits formalities measurement for the bunker gas oil for the ships sailing overseas and transfer to the representative of the Customer every one of the necessary paperwork for verification of actual export of gas olive oil abroad of Russian Federation; - Assurance gas olive oil quality. Validate oil item quality by a certificate of quality (fuel passport); -- Arrange all the relevant papers confirming the fact of bunkering, - In a proper period inform the consumer on tariffs, operation regime, bunkering conditions, ways of bunkering (from a bunkering tanker, auto-fuel-carrier), while others. - Other organization solutions like, tugboat and other assistance may be purchased by the Dealer for an additional charge in coordination together with the Customer. several. 2 The Customer is obliged to:

- Fill in the page of obtain in a proper format preliminary coordinated while using Supplier pertaining to the ship bunkering not later than 2 times before bunkering. - The letter of request is usually to be presented within the company's letterhead and should develop the following: the name of the vessel, vessel's arrival moment for bunkering, the place of bunkering, port of registration, full name of ship-owner, charterer and the addresses, the foundation of chartering of the boat...


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