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 E-Commerce Surge Essay


Group E:

Walden University or college

Information Systems in Enterprises

ISYS 3001

Dr . Sherri Braxton-Lieber

January 2, 2011


The internet is promoting the world in each and every way. Businesses are frequently popping up each with a new and exciting idea. Sometimes these types of ideas overlap. In this case study we will certainly explore 4 of these firms, two American and two Asian. All of us will explore how distinct markets manage the same services and products.

MySpace commenced in 2003 as a great offshoot of eUniverse, a web marketing company. (Wikimedia, 2010) That put together well-known social networking features so that users could create single profiles in order to conversation and connect to each other. In 2005 it was purchased simply by New Organization. In recent years it includes lost market share to its main competition Facebook.

Among the oldest social networks is Cyworld which started in 1999 in South Korea. It at present has above 18 million users which is over a third of the country's 48 mil people. (Squidoo, 2010) Its main way to obtain revenue may be the sale of electronic goods. In 2006 it came into the U. S. marketplace with the Euro market approaching the following 12 months. Both of these have got since recently been shut down. (Wikimedia, 2010)

craigs list has lengthy thrived on the internet world. That started in 1995 and is growing to over 80 million users. (eBay, 2010) Allowing users to buy promote just about anything possible they had $60 billion in goods sold through their site in 2009 by itself. Taobao is an online site allowing for people and businesses to market their merchandise to others. Originally it was limited to China but earlier this year they have minted an connections with Yahoo Japan to leave Japanese users take part. (Wikimedia, 2010)

Competitive Space

Launched in 2003, MySpace started as one of the leaders in online community. From 2007-2008 MySpace was considered the head in online communities. Cyworld is usually roughly the South Korean language equivalent to Bebo. They started out at about the same time and both have had their particular fair share of ups and downs. Cyworld is hugely successful in South Korea, but have not fared well at the US or perhaps Europe.

Cyworld and MySpace are both free social networking sites that allow users to create their particular page. Whilst they are both free of charge, Cyworld proceeded to go a step even more in the use of buying power to make their social networking internet site more appealing. Users are able to buy accessories for his or her mini-me, furniture, and wall art because of their virtual space. Cyworld costs for these items which can be purchased with real money, which allows them to make more income than MySpace. (Haag, 2009) " 5 years ago, Cyworld received the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Honor for being a business that has made the best utilization of IT to get transformation”. (Wikipedia) The development staff at MySpace has didn't be a competition with Facebook . com as of late 2010. Instead, they intend to target younger persons by making the website very music-oriented with the admission that old users may possibly have less interest. " Too-little, too-late" may be just how MySpace will be seen in the future. On March 26, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield explained, " Many investors have got written off MySpace at this point, " and he was not sure whether the alterations would ensure that the company restore.

Products and Services

When you take a look at Taobao and eBay it really is clear that they can offer both convenience and specialty services and products. EBay, as well as the Chinese comparative Taobao, will be two of the more well-known online consumer-to-consumer (C2C) websites, and are also utilized by an incredible number of online buyers searching for offers. Both auction web sites. com to TaoBao. com sell a mixture of convenience items and specialised items. A large number of consumers search for these sites due to perceived savings from ordering items that are previously purchased or utilized. The value of these sites are several, one worth is the comfort of " on the web browsing” intended for...

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E-Commerce Surge
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