п»їThe Source of Education and Innovation Complications in Philippines Indonesia is actually a country that has a low level of education and low innovation development. Education and innovation are factors that cannot be separated. Education in Indonesia still has several problems which can make innovation development cannot work effectively. There are some factors that can result in Indonesia Education problem. According to the survey of Political and Economic Risk Consultant (PERC), quality of Indonesia Education placed on the 12th ranking from doze countries in Asian. And according to http://www.globalinnovationindex.org/gii/ news, innovation advancement in Dalam negri placed in the 100th position from 141 countries. If we compared to another ASEAN country, Singapore with the 3rd placement, Malaysia is in the 32nd placement, Thailand is in the 57th placement, and Vietnam is in the 76th position. These kinds of data turned out that top quality of education and innovation development in Indonesia is extremely underdeveloped. Exactly what the problems of education in Indonesia? How about the development of development in Philippines?

It is difficult to improve the quality of education and development of innovation in Indonesia. The disproportionate of presidency attention turns into a main component that causes the bad quality of education and development of advancement in Dalam negri. This is demonstrated by the reality people inside the city has a great center rather than people in the country. Furthermore, persons in towns have many superior school complexes which are likewise equipped with educating properties including whiteboard, desk, chair, and competent instructors. Some school could possibly be equipped with air conditioning unit and cost-free internet connection, even though some school has an old building and cracks between every single room that is nearly collapsed. And the most severe of all, pupils in towns can go to their very own school by car or motorcycle, to put it briefly they have ideal transportation to get used to go to school, whilst, students in some area in Indonesia...


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