1. Talk about why Ethics is important in business?

2 . Do you accept Milton Friedman that the just responsibility of business is usually to maximize earnings? Why or perhaps why not? Go over your response. 3. What is philosophy? Do you have a personal idea in life? In the event that so , what is their personal philosophy? 4. Describe the expression " the principles of happen to be non-moral in character nevertheless the violations in the rules on etiquette can easily have meaningful implications” Refer to a tangible example 5. How is usually Ethics relevant to Economics? To Education?

6. Answer this situatio: ETHICS vs PROFIT

A sizable American firm participates in a highly competitive industry. To satisfy the competition and achieve profit goals, the company has chosen the decentralized form of contribution, market transmission, and revenue. Failure to meet the aims establish by corporate administration for these steps is not really accepted and usually results in demotion or termination of a center manager.

An anonymous study of managers in the company revealed that that they felt pressured to endanger their personal ethical criteria to achieve the business objectives. For example , certain herb locations sensed the pressure to reduce top quality control into a level that could not ensure that all the dangerous products would be rejected. As well, sales personnel were encourage to use sketchy sales methods to obtain orders, including providing gifts and other incentives to get agents.

The primary executive expert is written by the survey findings. In the opinion, the corporation cannot condone such behavior. He proves that the business should do something about this problem


1 . Exactly what the honest problems mentioned in this particular case and what are the probable reasons for the problems

The ethical problem in this case would be that the managers from the company utilized unethical approaches in minimizing the cost of operation and employed questionable techniques to obtain revenue orders. The probable reasons behind such ethical issue is usually...


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