Gulangyu There is a small island wherever amount of young people is going there to relish the life simply exist in there. The island term is ”Gulangyu” which is translated by Oriental. The first thing I would like to introduce is usually store there. There are many varieties of store with their particular sense. At first, I want to describe a milk tea store which can be named with a cat called " Zhang Sanfeng”. In spite of we can certainly not see that kitty any more, persons will nonetheless go there to experience a rest. At the time you walk into the store, you will find a neat row of light chair, that this cat's picture printed in. And the bar counter provides two seller there, is focus on the consumer inside, and the other can be duty externally. In extra, you also will get many magazines on the desks and bookshelves. When you go deep inside, you will find one other corner in which full of the souvenir regarding the kitten, including the image albums, purses and handbags, hats and so on. In general, there exists a good place when you feel exhausted and want to chat with your friends. Then, it is valuable to mentioning that the start café pub, where offer the service of food, coffee and Drink. There is a piano at the gate of the bar, just aside from the seller position. And you will have a performer or a traveler to show a performance every evening. It just a small walk highway at the first floor, and there also no chair or tables there. When you are upstairs, you will see a large diverse sight together with the first ground. You can find many old books, chinaware, and images. With the dark yellow picture and grace music, you will drop yourself for the reason that scene. Not what I want to identify is the menu which is not branded as usual, all the items was created and driven by the owner, which will supply you with a totally different sense. It will provide you with a great mood to take the order with full of animation picture attracted by person. My launch is just a hint of this...


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