Collaboration Component

Make sure you complete this kind of four-part information, and post for the collaboration component. 1 . Collaboration lesson/task information: Describe the lesson or task you completed collaboratively in a section consisting of five or more sentences. We experienced a number of different triangles and validated them with the proper postulate or perhaps theorem. In addition , we decided to go with, in groups of two (or three), two triangles out of a series of choices and decided whether or not they were consonant or similar, and validated our affirmation with a postulate (Or theorem. ) 2 . Peer and self-evaluation: Rate each member in the team, which include yourself, according to each from the performance qualifying criterion below. I actually honestly got no problem with my group. They all worked well hard and completed almost all assigned jobs 3 = above average

2 sama dengan average

1 = below average

Peer and Self-EvaluationCriteriaStudent NamesListened to others Me- 3 Peers- 3Showed respect for others' opinions Me- 3 Peers- three or more Completed given dutiesMe- several Peers- several Participated in discussionsMe- a couple of Peers- 2/3 Attended meetingsThere were simply no meetings Slept on taskMe- 3 Peers- 3 Offered relevant informationMe- 3 Peers- 3 Accomplished work adequatelyMe- 3 Peers- 3 Finished work on time (with simply no reminders)Me- several Peers- a few Offered appropriate feedback the moment necessaryMe- 3 Peers a few 3. Self-reflection: Respond to the next in two to three sentences each. Explain whatever you enjoyed many about working together with others with this lesson/task. �

It was interesting for me to see in action just how Geometry, or math generally speaking, is certainly not subjective. It is the same irrespective of who is doing it or so why they do that like that. The result is always similar. Explain just how your crew dealt with conflict.

My personal team did not have virtually any conflict. We all worked jointly on the complications and finished successfully

Explain your feelings others believed about your engagement in the lesson/task.

I feel that I added well towards the questions and conversation that occurred....


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