Franz Boas, ( 1858 – 1942 ) is a well-known, broadly respected anthropologist and tutor

often referred to as the Founder of American Anthropology. Although there were other contri –

butions by Boas, probably not as well known, but in my opinion, equally important and

deserving of reputation. Boas did not limit his outspoken views to just anthropology,

he was evenly outspoken regarding his thoughts on human being rights and equality, individual

liberty and equal option. And he did so in an era of evolutionism, slavery was still

approved by many and racism was obviously a way of life.. I think a great many individuals are

familiar with this aspect of Franz Boas. I believe, however , that there is an similarly large

amount of people that usually are. I hope, with this daily news, to educate a few of these indi-


As a child, Boas was raised to value the importance of learning and of understanding,

personal independence, and the perfect for equal option among all human beings (Glick,

1982; Liss 1997 ). This individual based his political views upon these main values and actively took

part in a political activity he supported. For example , Boas despised Nazism and

would combat them and every thing they was for extremely early on. Boas helped

numerous Europeans that sought avoid and necessary asylum. This individual organized gatherings,

wrote characters, working tirelessly to help as much of the displaced individuals that he

could.. Seeing that Nazism was also occurring during the Great Depression in the Usa

States, Boas also talked frequently, supplying speeches and writing in periodicals regarding

economical in-equality.

Boas was also really active in the individual rights movement. He fervently believed

In the absolute value of equal rights for a lot of individuals and peoples and hated class-

fying these people and lumping people in to categories ( Bunzel; 1962: 9). Boas seems

to acquire been worried about Indian legal rights and their unfair treatment for many of his life...


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