Life today is ruled by the offshoots of technology. We have brand new comforts of life which our forefathers would not possess. Will need to we bounce to the realization that we actually are happier than our forefathers were? It is just a very perplexing question. Let us first discover what kind of life that they led. The world of our ancestors and forefathers was totally different from that of today. They lived in villages. Medical inventions were not made. There have been no airplanes, no autos, movie, a radio station etc . Tv sets and mobile phones were not invented. There was no electricity and so they were deprived of all these comforts which in turn we enjoy by making use of electricity. They will moved inside the jolting, unsalable carts and carriages. Lifespan was therefore simple. These people were engaged in tilling the soil for a living. They got there daily needs conveniently. They had a plenty of every thing. There were various cool and sheltered spots for harmless pleasures. That they took energetic part in most sorts of basic innocent game titles. Contentment and happiness won there. Inside our modern age, life is full of comforts and amusement. We speculate how our forefathers resided without them. These are the benefits of scientific research. We can travel and leisure in railways, ships, motor unit cars and airplanes. The days of trouble and difficulties have come to an end. In every area of life we have began to use electrical energy. Medical technology has done great service to person. Even the the majority of serious disorders are cured very easily. When we are tired by day's hard work, radio and television give us nice excitement. We have comfortable homes, great schools, hostipal wards and many other features of life.    We still think doubtful whenever we are really happier than our forefathers. Materials civilization provides, no doubt, produced a wonderful stride but the meaningful development of gentleman or moral values has been totally neglected. IT has not do with happiness, goodness, beauty, valor, adventure, rights, friendship, appreciate of family members, love of country and so forth All these values are necessary to get happy lifestyle. Scientific creation has out-stripped our religious or ethical progress. I actually am in the opinion that a balance should be maintained. The present condition without a balance is likely to make our lives unhappy with a terrible future. We all lives in a great age in which men enjoy riches more than spiritual electric power and really miss luxury with the body than the peace of mind. This age is of materialism will never be content till men pay more focus on the old values taught simply by our forefathers, True joy is a state of the head, can better be gained in the holiday cottage than in the king's palace.  Today's era enjoys the fruits of science and technology. there is a better lifestyle because of increase in per capita income. Today there are two incomes inside the family – mother's and father's. There is more education, even more material convenience like TELEVISION, internet, i-pods, mobile phones and speedy ways of transportation. Nevertheless , when we compare our lives together with the childhood and youth of the grand dads we find that on the whole they had better lives than our bait. They had period on their hands and lived a much less hectic speed.       Contemporary youth can be described as victim of time and popularity. The idea of material acquisition \ conflicts in society. They have led to alienation of the as well as loneliness is obviously. People will be ready to sacrifice health insurance and happiness to be able to pursue material happiness.     Our forefather's had moment for picnics, to be in his campany nature. That they gave importance to functional education, put in time with nature created strong provides in culture, had time for the relatives.    Lifestyle was not physical for them. Many ladies did not analyze much nevertheless they were not superstitious or backward. they led peaceful lives happily with the pots, pots and pans and kids. They managed the house in their means and civilization still progressed. The modern men and women live on the edge. They are not able to handle problems. Nevertheless they have received education, it will not make them better human beings. They can be not able...


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