Center of Night

By H. Hanford

Paul Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness is much more than simply " the story of a journey up a lake. ” Even though it was first posted in 1902, the text includes perennial styles that remain relevant to a 21st Century market today. Through his writing, Conrad cleverly expresses his views on colonisation and imperialism, explores the depth and concept of the inner journey, and comments about society's need for some form of restraint. Conrad showcases his personal experiences to accurately express both the inner and literal journeys with the boat. As being a 21st Century market, we gain insight into Conrad's beliefs as well as the effects that isolation and lack of restraint have in individuals.

One of the major themes in Heart of Darkness is colonisation, which will relates to imperialism in modern times. The context from the novella is based on a period once colonisation was popular and extremely widely approved, therefore Conrad had to workout caution when ever expressing his views on the problem, often lacing his responses with paradox and epigramme. The first hint a reader benefits that his view on colonisation is unfavorable is in the starting section, when " the air was dark above... compacted into a mournful gloom, brooding motionless over the biggest, as well as the greatest, community on earth. ” The darkness looming over civilisation can be described as stark contrast to the quiet imagery accustomed to describe characteristics, suggesting that civilisation features negative associations, and the reference to London may be read to be wrapped in sarcasm. By using Marlow like a vessel intended for his beliefs, Conrad is able to insert his own observations out in the Congo, wherever " you will discover no external checks” and racism isn't contained. The moment reading the novella coming from a post-colonialist perspective, the group can easily identify the beliefs disguised in the writing. For example , when strolling down the route, Marlow can be spotted by the black worker who upholds the pretence of appearing to be doing work diligently, and Marlow...


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