i. the speaker's kept. If the banner is viewed on a personnel elsewhere than on a platform or chancel, it should be with the right from the audience or perhaps congregation as they face the speaker. It may not cover a speaker's desk or perhaps be covered in front of a platform. THE FLAG WITHIN A PARADE

The moment carried with another flag or red flags, the banner of St Lucia needs to be held on the marching proper or in front of the centre with the line of red flags. When the banner is passing in a parade or in a assessment or during a ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag, most persons present should face the flag and stand at focus. National Floral

The virulent red with the rose nonetheless speaks to many a Saint Lucian; thus does the straightforward marguerite bloom (gomphrena). Between them spins a tale of more than two centuries, and despite imperialism, domination, and cultural intrusion, the cal king flower festivals of LA ROSE and LA MARGUERITE still persevere, a display of resilience. Wherever, in some countries, the population might be divided into classes and groupe, in the circumstance of St . Lucia's cultural traditions, there is certainly two " Societies", ROSES and MARGUERITES (Bachelor's Button).

The ROSES and MARGUERITES happen to be floral societies into which will some members of the St . Lucian community divide themselves. Although these types of floral societies remain mostly singing interactions today, there was a time when they formed important segments of the island's social framework, and most persons in the community were somehow associated to one of the groups. The structure in the two societies seems to indicate something of their function within just colonial culture. Both groups are hierarchically structured having a king and queen as head of each and every society and also other dignitaries patterned upon the socio-economic composition of |colonial society. Thus, after the california king and princess or queen come princes and princesses, and several other pseudo-legal, armed forces and professional personnel, which include judges, cop, soldiers and nurses. Every single has a...


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