Understand Health and Protection in Cultural Care Settings – Unit 208

1 ) 1 List legalisation relating to general health and safety within a social attention setting

The settings in which you work are generally covered by the and Safety at Work Action 1974 (HASAWA). This Work has been current and supplemented by many models of restrictions and recommendations, which expanded it, support it or perhaps explain this. The polices most likely to affect your workplace happen to be shown inside the following picture.

The Health and Safety at the job Act addresses the following rules: Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended 2002) Control of Chemicals Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) Reporting of Injuries, Illnesses and Dangerous Occurrences Restrictions 1995 (RIDDOR) Health and Protection First Aid Regulations 1981

Managing of Health and Safety at the job Regulations 99

1 . two Describe the key points of health and safety guidelines and techniques

The main points of health and security policies and procedures is to follow them by agreed ways of working between staff and organisations as well as other exterior person(s). Making sure approved rules of practice within the health insurance and social care setting, through which relate to into the safety. Included in this are recording and reporting procedures;  such since how we deal with accidents and injuries, as well as emergency and/or first aid situations, for example the administering of first aid only if taught to do so.  Other policies and procedures include, general working conditions and the environment we work in, to record and record any ‘unsafe' conditions, such as use of any kind of equipment that maybe used, adhering to polices in regards to make use of such equipment, whether it be electrical/mechanical, such e3quipment that may be utilized when, shifting and managing, which in turn get their own group of guidelines, policies and methods to adhere to. In addition there are many other policies and method that must be followed, own personal basic safety as well as the protection of others, including work acquaintances as well as all those we support, including personal security along with safeguarding personal property. Health care methods, such as giving personal proper care, as well as food preparation and handling regulations.  Recording and working with infection settings, as well as unsafe substances and also following the right procedures intended for the removal of clinical waste.

1 . 3a Outline the main health insurance and safety required the cultural care member of staff

My tasks are:

For taking reasonable care of my own into the safety

If possible, to prevent wearing jewellery or loose clothing in the event that operating machinery or using equipment When you have long frizzy hair or use a headscarf, to make certain it is tucked out of the way (it could get trapped in tools or machinery) To take affordable care never to put other people – many other employees and members of the public – at risk with what you do or perhaps do not do in the course of your work. To interact personally with your employer, making sure that you get correct training, and you understand and follow the provider's health and basic safety policies Not to interfere with or misuse something that has been presented to your health, protection or well being To survey any accidents, strains or perhaps illnesses you suffer because of doing your task (your company may need to replace the way you work) To tell your company if something happens that might affect the ability to job (for example, becoming pregnant or suffering an injury); because your employer provides a legal responsibility to improve your health and protection, they may ought to suspend you while that they find a solution towards the problem, nevertheless, you will normally be paid if this happens. Should you drive or operate equipment or equipment, to tell the employer through medication that produces you drowsy – they should temporarily maneuver you to an additional job if perhaps they have one for you to do

1 . 3b Describe the main health insurance and safety responsibilities of the employer or perhaps manager...


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