1. Illustrate the activities of Nelson Peltz and the role played in laying the groundwork to get the purchase by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G. � Nelson Peltz was nominated to the DuPont board mainly because Trian and DuPont cannot reach a about the splitting with the company. Berkshire Hathaway and 3G wanted to but Heinz for about $23 billion. Peltz was a catalyst for the turnaround of Heinz by simply successfully getting on the DuPont board. The shareholders of Heinz have got Peltz to thank for the price Heinz was bought at. 2 . Talk about the positions of various stakeholders, including Heinz shareholders, administration, employees, and citizens of Pittsburg. Heinz's board of directors agreed unanimously to the acquisition. The CEO of Heinz approves of Berkshire and 3-G and is pumped up about the new future of Heinz. Stakeholders for the most part accept because Heinz is being bought from a posture of durability and price is at an all-time high. People are pleased that Pittsburg will remain Heinz's global hq so the community will continue to receive survey. 3. Go over the go-shop process, how come it may be important, and hazards associated with this technique. The go-shop process permits other businesses to make gives on a public company that has already received a purchase provide. One risk is a end of contract fee may need to be paid. It might be required to get a larger offer and for the original offer to create a ground. Go-shop process is meant to aid ensure that the board of directors satisfies its fiduciary duty to ensure shareholders find the best deal likely from the transaction. 4. Why were so many investment lenders involved in this kind of transaction, and what had been their respective roles? Many banks had assisting roles in the acquisition. Independent advisory financial institutions put the deal together and did many the work.  Bank of America Merrill Lynch was Heinz's other financial adviser, and JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo provided debt funding and some advice to...


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