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I do think James Dean is important because he is one of the best actors that has ever were living and this individual shows that should you work hard by what you want to do, you can succeed. Having been great at sports and worked well hard becoming a good acting professional. He was not perfect at acting although he had taken his criticism the right way and used it to grow and turn into a better acting professional. He don't always have happy times and this individual struggled a whole lot but in the final he had the success he deserved. Backdrop

1) By a young era Dean was learning about a lot of different subjects and did a lot of different activities 2) He was in dancing classes and performed a lot of acting directed games 3) His mom fed him different cultured foods and read him a lot of books 4) Born in Marion, Indianapolis February eighth, 1931

5) He was always interested in learning and trying new things 6) He was a good athlete in a variety of diverse sports just like baseball, field hockey, hockey, monitor, and sports 7) As a kid, Wayne was interested in the stop Billy the little one, his interest in this person as well tied collectively because his mom and Billy died on the same time (July 14th) 8) When ever James was thirteen his aunt and uncle had a baby Marcus Jr. he and Marcus became close despite age difference Educational Background

1 . He prepared for going to the College or university of Cal but then his freshman year he went to Santa Monica City College or university 2 . His dad was trying to get him to significant in a job in law or training 3. Since deans daddy was purchasing his college or university he had for taking a pre law school 4. After deans freshman year he had better grades after which he still left to UCLA 5. Not of Deans mentors at the time thought this individual should go to UCLA but he nonetheless went 6. He planned to go to UCLA because he wished to go to a wonderful university plus they had a wide range of theatre classes 7. Once he visited UCLA started to change in behavior because he wanted to learn better in school socially and nicely 8. In one of his reviews inside the UCLA Limelight newsletter they will...


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