Optimal Mode of Transporting Clothes

—— Intermodal Transportation


Travel plays a determining function in international trade and selecting a maximum mode of transportation can reduce the cost and achieve the efficiency objectives.

With this report, we will manage a case that the clothing company in Guizhou Province, Customer planning to foreign trade a 20FT container with clothes to its main customer in Melbourne, Quotes using the services of a 3PL company and FOB incoterm is used in this case. The purpose of this kind of report is to discuss how to transport these kinds of T-shirts to the consumer in Melbourne in a maximum route.

BALLOON is an initialism which usually pertains to the shipping of goods. Depending on particular usage, it might stand for Totally free On Board or perhaps Freight On side, with related but specific implications. BALLOON specifies which will party (buyer or seller) pays for which usually shipment and loading costs, and/or in which responsibility for the goods is usually transferred. The last distinction is very important for identifying liability intended for goods misplaced or broken in transportation from the retailer to the purchaser.

At first, we all will go over the required seller, client and transporter and explain the files that should be made by each of the 3 parties. Following we will discuss you will of each transportation mode and choose the dock according to the area and cost to determine which mode of transport that should be used for this type of export and estimate the lead coming back the whole operation. Moreover, intercontinental trade is definitely faced with several risks and we will identify the critical problems that should be considered throughout this operation. Finally, we will offer the final tips to finish this foreign trade successfully. We suggest retailer use intermodal transportation of motor and sea transportation. Seller and buyer handle motor travel at the beginning and ending from the whole procedure, by using exclusive vehicles.


A garments manufacturer in Guizhou Region, China is planning to export a 20FT pot to their main customer in Melbourne, Australia making use of the service of the 3PL business. The product are all 100% organic cotton T-shirts. FOB incoterm is used and the agreement is regular monthly basis.

This kind of international control involves global transportation. The global transportation decision includes the selection of carriers to do the transportation within the seller's country, within the buyer's nation, and between two countries. In this organization report, we will discuss how to transportation these T-shirts to the customer in Melbourne within a optimal course. In the 1st section, we will determine the responsibilities of each of the three parties active in the operation and describe the documents which should be prepared by all the three functions. Next we will set up the mode of transportation that should be utilized for this particular foreign trade and estimate the lead time for the complete operation. Finally we is going to identify the critical issues that should be considered in this operation and give the final suggestions to total this export successfully.


Since taking INCOTERM FOB, the clothing company is the vendor and the primary customer in Australia acts as the buyer while 3PL plays the role of carrier.

BALLOON is an initialism which usually pertains to the shipping of products. FOB is Free Aboard. A shipping and delivery term which indicates that the dealer pays the shipping costs (and generally also the costs) through the point of manufacture to a specified destination, at which point the purchaser takes responsibility. (http://www.investorwords.com/2032/FOB.html#ixzz18q1Ipm2b)

Free of charge on board implies that the seller gives when the merchandise pass the ship's rail at the known as port of shipment. Which means that the buyer must bear most costs and risks of loss of or perhaps damage to items from that point. The FOB term requires the seller to clear the goods for foreign trade. Buyer is liable for all the...


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