decrease capital purchase - mengurangkan pelaburan modal

Continuity of operation is ensured -- Kesinambungan operasi dipastikan Fewer total production costВ - Minim jumlah kos pengeluaran

fewer material activity - minim pergerakan bahan

Ease of Course-plotting

2. A fixed position layout enables website visitors flow easily throughout the website; since the navigation bar is set in place, it usually is visible. The navigation options are conveniently apparent, permitting visitors to move on with moving as soon as the mood strikes. Set position nav is particularly beneficial if your internet site has many very long pages with a great deal of text and symbolism; it helps users move to an additional page without having to lose their interest or creating confusion. Branding

2. When several of your page elements are visible, this strengthens the branding of your website. In a non-fixed structure, the header and navigation scroll up and out of sight; if you have text-only pages, marketing elements have the tendency to get lost, which severs the immediate connection with the company. With a fixed layout, the brand identification elements are consistent. It offers you control of the user knowledge and reinforces the strength of the brand. When a user is able to see the images, colors and photo design that are regular across your brand materials, it helps them create links when they start to see the brand symbolized elsewhere.

Internet browser Visibility

* As a fixed situation element can be not a section of the rest of the record flow, it is usually visible inside the browser, whatever the size of the window. Even though a user resizes the window to cover only a portion with the screen, the navigation will be visible. Your own readers make use of computers and devices that have a range of screen sizes, the constant visibility works to your benefit. A fixed layout creates uniformity across computer systems. Coding

2. When you use a fixed position structure, it helps reduces costs of coding...


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