Question 1

What is the main source of capital in Australia?

Selected: a. Issuance of stockThis answer is incorrect.

b. Corporate and business bonds

c. Bank loansThis is the appropriate answer.

deb. Government scholarships

Bank loans would be the primary way to obtain capital in Germany.



Query 2

Japan economy is definitely dominated by " keiretsu. " Exactly what are these? a. warlords that control Japanese wealth

m. local government entities

Picked: c. corporate and business conglomeratesThis response is correct.

g. joint ventures with international investors

" keiretsu" are corporate conglomerates.



Question several

In Germany, prudence is definitely an accounting principle set up in commercial law. Exactly what does " prudence" mean in an accounting context? a. Stability

b. Assessment

Selected: c. ConservatismThis solution is correct.

deb. Relevance

In context of accounting " prudence" means Conservatism.



Question 4

In what title happen to be professional accountancy firm in South america known?

a. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

b. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Selected: c. Contador Generalizado Certificado (CPC)This answer is proper. d. Philippine Certified Public Accountant (MCPA)

In South america preofessional accoutants are called Contador Publico Certificado (CPC).



Question your five

What practical area dominates the accounting profession in Germany? a. Taxation

Chosen: b. AuditingThis answer is correct.

c. Economical reporting

deb. Managerial Accounting

Auditing rules the accounting profession in Germany.



Question 6

Which body provides the primary responsibility for developing accounting specifications in Asia? a. Japan Institute of Certified Open public Accountants (JICPA) b. Japan Accounting Relationship (JAA)

Chosen: c. Japan's Ministry of Finance (MoF)This answer is proper. d. Foreign Accounting Requirements Board (IASB)

Japan's Ministry of Finance (MoF) has the primary responsibility for creating accounting requirements in Asia.



Question six

Among the planet's...


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