Name: Nguyen Thi Diem

Category: FB5A

PLOG 9 – 10

Seeing that our school had a couple weeks off, it was much easier for people to do person task at your home. I had additional time to search and find the relevant info for my own assignment. I possess tried my own best to get the job done, so the result for ‘'John Lewis case study'' was quite good. I got on the lookout for over 15 for it. Following finishing Ruben Lewis example, we have to perform another specific task ‘'Cyclermate Company”. And, I hope over the following case study, every thing is going to be very good, too.

In addition , we have received the effect for test calculating the movement of money in and out of your business. They have 12 physical exercises standing to get 120 marks and I just got 6. 7 scores because of it. Overall in the class, there were not high scores of this kind of test. Consequently , the professional had to put in more time rendering us the answer and justification for every workout. Every one was concentrated on her behalf lecture expected for figure out deeply the teachings. She also told us that we had to learn this kind of subject matter carefully since it will be harder in the future. Personally, I i am not good in calculating and take the advantages of excel, so it is hard to keep up with the professional address. Since, the professional teaches us quite fast at some time, I can't catch up with her lecture. Thanks for her desirable lessons, yet I hope that she will train us somewhat slower than she would. However , We also need to review and practice doing even more assignments to be better.

Intended for ‘'Cyclermate Company'' individual task, we have done the SOWT analysis for its company. We have to focus on this kind of, and then broadening the suggestions, combined into a report till the end in the semester. I should make an format for her to check and support for the better suggestions.


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