Chapter 1 – A summary of the Tourism and Food Industry Aims:

-know more about the tourism and hospitality industry

-identify the needs with the industry

-learn the significance of personality enlargement in relation to infiltrating the tourism and food industry, and Check a person's self personality of individuality


-the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the factors that help a country regarding economic stableness. -as these kinds of industries happen to be needed in today's corporate operate, these still grow and present fresh trends a guest can surely gain from regardless of the cost it may let them have What are the needs in the tourism and hospitality market?

A broad selection of career options is displayed by the travel and leisure and food industry that include: -tourism destinations and destinations

-recreation, leisure time, and sporting activities management

-cruises, airlines, and other types of transportation

-restaurants and commercial food services

-wellness and spa management

-meeting and event organizing

-resorts and hotels


Tourism and hospitality market provide chances for ambitious people who get pleasure from working with people and posses a well round personality. -A person with this kind of character is somebody who behaves professionally as needed in his or her job. -being a professional starts on how one carries him self in front of other folks, proper habit and appropriate words are projected/ -well rounded personality also includes competition and honesty and the ability to meet the desired and promised result in your job.

Charisma could best describe a well-rounded personality. The right persona to lead and influence others is the combination of physical, mental, integrity and charisma. Attributes of people required by the sector

-articulate in english and filipino dialects, some language is attractive (mandarin, nihonggo, etc . ) -strong organization foundation and customer service expertise


-highly trainable

-highly focused



-guest focus

-able to deal with various kinds of friends

-strong command skills and strategic organizing

-excellent sociable and encouraging communication expertise -patient


Importance of Management and Character Development

In neuro-scientific tourism and hospitality, persona development might be a big help to be able to climb to a higher level simply by transcending what a person already has. Including his physical attributes, expertise, skills coordinated with attitude and ideals. Personality expansion will also be of great help to ensure that he'd be able to lengthen himself to the wants and wishes of his guests. It could possibly help him know what personality is required somebody working in resorts, resorts or other similar industries.

Through personality creation, a person will be able to attain the following: Improve the strengths and develop the weaknesses

Use the right gestures and postures needed for hospitality and tourism professionals. Control feelings and emotions especially in really tough circumstances Develop pleasurable expressions and attitude toward guest

Have got personality needed in the corporate world.

Command on the other hand, is actually important to every and everyone. This does not only suggest to lead a team simply, to let people follow you, or to influence people, although also to handle yourself, to accomplish your individual responsibilities, and also to discipline your self in such a way that it shows the traits with the defined innovator. In the hospitality industry, management is demonstrated in the way you treat every individual, the way you coordinate with your team, the way you present yourself to all of them, the way you lead them, plus the way you preside to get a team. Individuality check

Section 2 -- Self Graphic

Self graphic is the morals and attitudes (mental picture) we have of ourselves. Formation of Self Image

Personal image is formed...


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