Reflective Statement

Deconstructing Montage & Virtual Reality

With this task we investigated two various sorts of manipulating digital photography, Deconstructing Montage and Virtuelle realitat, as they seem very different designs they reveal on common thing the artists " IDEA. ”

In the Deconstructing Montage all of us explore the symbolism and meaning of what the designer is trying to communicate to us. The truly amazing example of connecting messages through symbolism is in the work of Peter Kennard, very politics and in your face montages, he puts it in a really simple explanation " I think that the image of objects that individuals oppose needs to be broken up, shattered by rival imagery. We must find important images enabling us to prise open and reveal the concealed mechanisms of oppressive routines. ” (Kennard, 2000). Coming from 20th 100 years Deconstructing Montages started spending and having more that means and more powerful messages since Druckery proves " What is immediately obvious is that montage is reemerging as a significant expression from the extraordinary complexity of techoculture, and that it can be capable of confronting a variety of issues long considered exhausted. ” (Druckery, year 1994, p. 7) The Virtuelle wirklichkeit explores the artist thoughts, dreams a thing that is not really real in this world. Artist can express their very own deepest wants and dreams that once wore not possible to express through art, because real as with this day and age with digital photography and its particular tools. Alternatively there was one of the biggest Surrealists painters Salvador Dalí, who through painting indicated his dreams and creativity, " A single might think that through euphoria we would use a world while far from truth as regarding the wish. The repugnant can become desirable, affection cruelty, the ugly beautiful, flaws qualities, qualities black miseries. ” (Millet (translated simply by Selous), 1933, p. 133).

In my experience starting this project I discovered that is not that easy to find and try to speak the communication...

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