Department of Logistics and Maritime Research

The Hk Polytechnic University

LGT3105 Businesses Management

very first Semester 2013/2014

Subject Description

This is a foundation subject matter on Businesses Management (OM). It will give students with an understanding from the strategies, operations, and analytics of OM for the two manufacturing and service agencies. At the end with the course, pupils will have a good understanding of just how things must be done and the significance of these capabilities to the accomplishment of the organization.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the niche all learners will be able to:

1 . Analyze organization situations and problems by applying conceptual frames drawn from OM; 2 . Apply basic OMKRING theories and understand the procedure of manufacturing and service procedures; 3. Recognize and evaluate the strategies which benefit is created in goods and services and delivered to users.

Subject Strategy

The educating approach would have been a combination of lectures, class talks, and projects on designated topics and case analysis. Fundamental concepts and technical knowledge of OM will be covered in lectures. Instances and good examples will be talked about in lessons. Students are getting feedback within three several weeks of the distribution of their operate.


Jacobs, F. R., Run after, R. M., 2014. Businesses and Supply String Management, fourteenth ed., McGraw-Hill, New York.


Stevenson, T. J., Sum, C. C., 2014. Businesses Management. subsequent ed., McGraw-Hill, Singapore.


Quizzes (Week 4 and 10)


2 or 3 short concerns

Midterm Test (Week 7)


15 MC and 2 brief questions

Specific Essay (Week 13)

twenty percent

A 600-word particular assignment

Final Test


Instructor: Dr . Sunny Yeung

Office: M630, M Building

Tel: 2766-4064

Email: [email protected] edu. hastkrafter

Consultation hour: Wednesdays, 12-15: 30-16: 30 or by appointment

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