Satellite television Visibility and Availability

A Ganesh and R Narayanakumar

The satellite visibility and supply is an important parameter for precise placement and surveying. Users of GPS need to know where, when and what satellites should be tracked to achieve the best results. The following are the main measures a GPS owner is likely to know, during positioning. The elevation perspective: - is definitely the angle through the antenna between horizontal as well as the line of eyesight to the satellite. The azimuth: - is a clockwise position from north to the location of the satellite above. Mask perspective: -. The mask perspective refers to the elevation angle below which usually GPS alerts will not be noted. A dish is said to be obvious if it is over a specified mask angle presented there is no items in the way are present. GPS NAVIGATION receivers, control software, or both may have an choice to set a certain mask angle or cut-off angle. Obstructions: - Obstructions are objects which block the path between a dish and device. For example , if the desired satellite television is at an elevation of 20В° and azimuth of 70В°, and a building is located perfectly elevation and azimuth, the satellite sign will be obstructed. The prevention of interferences is very important for the successful putting on GPS positioning. Almanac files: - for any given area on the the planet and period, it is possible to predict which in turn satellites will be available and their site in the sky. This can be accomplished by applying almanac data which contain dish orbit variables, in conjunction with software designed to work with almanac data files to figure out satellite visibility.


Height and Face mask Angle Azimuth

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Software packages to compute satellite visibility can be found commercially and often accompany industrial GPS device software. When computing satellite tv availability, you need to be careful to just use...


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