" The Amazing Wizard of Oz” was a great browse. This excellent allegory took " follow the yellow-colored brick road” to an whole new level. The character I selected to analyze is The Wicked Witch of the Western. In " The Fantastic Wizard of Oz” the Wicked Witch of the West represented segregation in the To the south. During the time this guide was drafted, segregation acquired be the standard in the South.

This book was written in 1900. Throughout the early 1900s, slavery experienced of course recently been abolished, and blacks had been considered " separate but equal”. Racism had played a great part within segregation of Africa Americans in the South. The South experienced numerous laws and regulations to dehumanize blacks. The legislature got created many laws to get blacks to basically are in an entire different world via whites. Laws and regulations such as segregated telephone booths and independent black and white entrances had been passed. The legislature tried to pass just about every law they will could to keep blacks and white individual. The KKK was in complete affect at this time and were strong proponents of segregation. The Jim Crow Regulations enforced ethnic segregation and discrimination and the southern. Segregation was obviously a wicked thing that African Americans was required to endure for years to come.

The Evil Witch with the West gets killed available which utilized to confuse me. Segregation have been present and didn't become unlawful until the mid 1960's. But I kept in mind that Dorothy represented the United States of America throughout the Reconstruction Period. The author was probably attemptedto send a note across when ever Dorthy/the twister killed The Wicked Witch of the Southern. The meaning could have been the United States really should have gathered up strength and kill the small stuff including segregation and focus even more on what needed to be set. America should have focused more on America's Industrial Revolution, Eastern Economic Interests, Imperialism, or the Silver and Gold Movements.

" The Amazing Wizard of Oz” was a great examine. This excellent whodunit took " follow the...


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