Global Navigation Dish System (GNSS) is the normal generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global insurance. For the African continent, GNSS system will increase usage of remote areas and provide positive impacts consist of service areas. The potential areas consist of equally social and professional applications. The applications are mainly in the sectors of aviation, multi-modaltransportation, land administration (for surveying, cadastre, and others), ocean going, rail travel, in the olive oil and exploration industries and the social sector will allow the introduction of social area based providers (LBS) applications. Some potential GNSS applications markets have already been identified by the AiA crew based on different discussions together with the African stakeholders. For the conference, half a dozen most suitable applications are identified for debate, which are relevant for the Africa Sub-Saharan countries. The identified GNSS applications have been completely selected from this conference to stimulate the mandatory interests in the industry industry and among the market stakeholders where the immediate Return on Investment of GNSS applications purchases to offer solutions to the residents can be assessed and justified.


The primary objectives on this International Conference are to engender and showcase African technological and medical competences that contain a clear prospect of Galileo and EGNOS products and services applications. Even more particularly, the conference aims to: • foster the development of ground breaking ideas and new products associated with the space sector; • promote the cooperation between Africa industrial and university students to acquire a more steady and better structured Photography equipment satellite scenery; • better position the neighborhood industry for future Africa and worldwide activities to be able to be ready to transmit competitive offers when the respective calls are published; • increase the...


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