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Dialogue Questions

1 ) Develop a predicting model, justifying its collection over different techniques, and project presence through 2007. 2 . What revenues have to be expected in 2006 and 2007?

3. Discuss the school's options.

Example (Southwestern University)

Southwestern University (SWU), a sizable state university in Stephenville, Texas, enrolls close to 20, 000 pupils. The school is known as a dominant pressure in the small city, with increased students during fall and spring than permanent citizens. Always a football giant, SWU is usually in the top20 in school football search positions.

Since the popular Bo Pitterno was hired as its brain coach in 1999 (in desires of achieving the elusive best ranking), presence at the five Saturday house games each year has increased. Ahead of Pitterno's entrance, attendance generally averaged 25, 000 to 29, 500 per game. Season admission sales bumped up by simply 10, 1000 with just the announcement with the new coach's arrival. Stephenville and SWU were prepared to move to " the big time! ”

The immediate issue facing SWU, however , was not NCAA ranking. It had been capacity. The current SWU stadium, built in 1953, has seating for 54, 000 supporters. The table below signifies attendance each and every game for the past six years.

One of Pitterno's demands after joining SWU had been a stadium development, or possibly a new arena. With presence increasing, SWU administrators started to face the situation head-on.

Pitterno had desired dormitories solely for his athletes in the stadium while an additional feature of any expansion.

SWU's president, Dr . Joel Wisner, decided it absolutely was time for his vice president of development to forecast if the existing stadium would " max away. " The expansion was, in his mind, a given. Although Wisner necessary to know how lengthy he may wait. He also searched for a income projection, assuming an average ticket price of $30 in 2006 and a 10% increase each year in future prices.

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