The Rise and Land of George Tenet

Leshea Hicks

Strayer University

The Rise and Fall of George Tenet

The departure of George Tenet was due to a number of events that included honest dilemmas when serving while director from the Director in the Central Brains Agency. As many questions had been raised during his tenure, he was utilized a striking bag and would come out in the end full of regret. From this paper, Let me discuss the four honest dilemmas, prioritization concerns, strategies concerning moral obligations and ethical roadmaps. Cross-coded Ethical Dilemmas

George Tenet was the Director in the Central Cleverness Agency (DCI) from 1997-2004. His obligations included handling two attributes of the organization, " a single as a secret agent and other discursive of uncooked intelligence in charge of the President's daily simple and the National Intelligence Estimate” (White, 2008). Tenet also maintained the communication between your Directorate of Operations and Directorate of Intelligence, president intelligence consultant, and I " head from the intelligence community” (White, 2008). His honest dilemmas were deduced on his professional standing. The first honest dilemma was being sworn into office as (DIC). During Clinton supervision, his target was strictly on revamping the CIA, which in turn failed to get the attention of Chief executive Clinton. The consequence to his decision was he was not included in the inner group of friends and Leader Clinton transferred adding him to the intelligence community or perhaps his administrative cabinet. Though he was not supplied during the Clinton era, when ever President Rose bush came into office, it brought about others to see his reputation and work ethics to see if he would make the slice to be a portion of the administration. Second dilemma was during serenity talks among President Clinton and Palestinians, Tenet wished to be viewed as a diplomat and not a spymaster, which in turn made others uneasy. He also vulnerable to leave his post, and his resignation was rejected by the...


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