Panel: World Well being Organization

Subject: The Dual Burden of Disease

Country: The dominion of Tonga

Delegates: Elizabeth. Y. A

Double burden of disease identifies the dual burden of non-communicable (NCD) and infectious conditions upon the reduced and middle-income countries. NCD's such as heart problems, obesity, and diabetes as a result of effect of globalization which cause remarkable changes in life-style that lead to weakness are rising and impacting now a brand new burden to prospects countries with limited assets. Yet they may be still unable to meet the challenges of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Tonga can be country inside the Pacific Ocean and non-communicable disease such as diabetes and difficulties of diabetes are most prominent. For this, Tonga is highly worried about the resolutions related to this kind of topic.

The Kingdom of Tonga believes that in order to eliminate this double burden disease, promoting healthy knowledge has a key role in doing thus. However , Ba?o realizes that promoting know-how alone is usually not enough. Consequently there is a requirement for quality-assured immunization and incorporation of important health companies. Guidance and support via developed countries is also necessary to develop insurance plan plans, and strategy for running towards successful interventions or perhaps partnerships which provide continuum of care during nations effected.

In the year 2003, Tonga made a determination to promote healthful lifestyles and supportive environment, called the Tonga Dedication 2003. Major is upon lifestyle health concerns to support and plan in areas such as the prevention of non-communicable illnesses, environmental health, HIV/AIDS and communicable disease surveillance.

The Tonga Health Promotion Base, established in February 2009 with funding from Australia, provided grants or loans to community activities which reduce non-communicable diseases which includes diabetes, heart and lung disease. In December 2009 the initially grants were awarded for...


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