Wissam Kamaleddine

CHM 1120

Stanley Ngeyi

February twenty-five, 2012


Introduction: Thermochemistry investigates the relationship between reactions and energy changes including heat. The quantity of heat generated or absorbed in a chemical reaction can be examined using a calorimeter.

Purpose: The goal of this laboratory was to decide the heat capability of the calorimeter, and to figure out thermodynamics/calorimetry by utilizing the calorimetry equation, Temperature lost=Heat obtained. We uses calorimetry to look for the heat included when ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, dissolves in water. From this experiment each of our attention is targeted on the response between hydrogen and hydrogen chloride:

NH3 + HCl --> NH4Cl

Observation: Once hot water was added to chilly water, the temperature with the solution elevated rapidly after which settled for approximately forty-five degrees C. The cup felt quite warm when we touched that. Ammonium Chloride, NH4Cl, is known as a powder that will not have an stench to it. The heat of the option decreased once NH4Cl was added. The Ammonium Chloride finally dissolved in the drinking water, and when all of us touched the cup it happened to be cold, in are at odds of to when we started the experiment.

Method: In CHM 1120, General Chemistry 2 Lab Manual, by Doctor Stanley-Pierre Ngeyi, pages 13-18.

Results Part A: High temperature capacity with the calorimeter.

Pasted Graphic. pdf format

(b)^T=Tf-Ti(cold) = (45. 0 level C -- 26. zero degree C) = nineteen degrees C

( c)Heat lost simply by water is: qn=-nHCp, m(Tf-Ti(hot))

Mass if 50. zero mL of water:

Pwater = 1 ) 00 g/mL

Pwater sama dengan Mass water / Quantity water

Mass H2O sama dengan Pwater x Volume drinking water = 1 ) 00 g/mL x 40. 0 cubic centimeters = 50. 0g WATER Moles INGESTING WATER = 40. 0 g / 18. 02 g/mol = installment payments on your 77 moles H20

(d)Heat gained by cold normal water: qc = ncCp, m(Tf-Ti(cold))

(e)Heat attained by calorimeter: qcal = Ccal(Tf-Ti(cold))

(f)Heat lost = Heat received

qH = qc & qcal...


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