Section of Politics Science

Four-Year B. T. S. (Honours) Course

Effective from the Treatment: 2009–2010

Nationwide University

Syllabus for 5 years W. S. S i9000. Honours Study course

Subject: Politics Science

Third Year (Honours)

|Subject Code |Subject Subject |Marks |Credit | |1972 |Political Constitutional Development in Bangladesh 1947 to date |100 |4 | |1973 |Introduction to International Politics |100 |4 | |1974 |Politics and Government in Southern region Asia, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Srilanka|100 |4 | |1975 |Approaches to the research of Governmental policies |100 |4 | |1976 |Peace and Conflict Research |100 |4 | |1977 |Public supervision in Bangladesh |100 |4 | |1978 |Research strategy and Statistics |100 |4 | |1979 |Political Sociology |100 |4 | | |Total= |800 |32

|Course Code |1972 |Marks: 100 |Credits: 4 | Class Hours: 60 | |Course Subject | Political and Constitutional Developments in Bangladesh(1947 to up to date)

1 . The Background: Growth of resistance political parties; The Language Activity (1947-1952); 1954 Elections plus the United The front; the Constitution of 1956. 2 . Relationship Law in Pakistan (1958) and its influence: Ayub Routine; Basic Democracy in Pakistan; 6-point Movement; The Mass Upsurge of 1969; 70 Liberation Warfare of 1971; Emergence of Bangladesh. three or more. The Constitution of Bangladesh: Constitution producing – 72; Salient Features; Fundamental Principles; Fundamental Privileges; Constitutional Amendments. 4. Parliamentary System in Bangladesh and its particular Functioning (1973-1975): The part of Government and Opposition Parties (1973-1975); Fourth Amendment as well as the formation of Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League (BAKSAL). Fall of Sheikh Mujib Regime (1975). General Ziaur Rahman and Civilianization Procedure; Growth of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, BNP, as well as the 1979 Selection. Military Treatment of 1982 and the Military Regime of General Ershad; General Ershad and Civilianization Process; Fall of General Ershad. 1991 Elections and Re-introduction of Parliamentary System: Khaleda Zia`s government as well as its aftermath; Achievements and Failures; The mil novecentos e noventa e seis Elections and Fall of B. And. P. Sheikh Hasina`s Govt – Accomplishments and Failures of Awami League. Parliamentary Elections of 2001 plus the Rise of B. D. P.; and Party Program in Bangladesh.

a few. nonparty Childcare professional Government: Genesis, Organization and Functions - Working of Non- Get together Caretaker Governments - Polls Under Get together Governments and nonparty Childcare professional Government -- nonparty Childcare professional Government and Democratic Consolidation - Possibility of nonparty Caretaker Federal government.

Books Advised:

1 ) Moudud Ahmed: Bangladesh: Constitutional Quest for Autonomy. 2 . Moudud Ahmed: Bangladesh: The Time of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Dhaka: UPL, 1983 three or more. Moudud Ahmed: Democracy as well as the Challenge of Development Dhaka: UPL, 1995....


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