Week 1- Food Services Establishments


Krystena Sterling

We reside in a pretty rural area, thus i really considered as the options that had been available to this area. In the end, I chose two countrywide chain eating places and a smaller community cafe. The first restaurant I chose was Chevy sonic. This restaurant would be grouped as a fast food establishment. The reason I chosen Sonic was because they provide a different type of service there. At each of our local restaurants, there is no inside seating region, in fact the restaurant tote bags themselves while " American Drive-Thru. ” Sonic eating places can be reminiscent of old style travel in's with servers in roller skates and car side services. The second restaurant that I select is a mid-scale restaurant inside our market. Olive Garden eating places offer a one of a kind take on Italian language food. When Olive Yard serves all of the classic German dishes that you would expect, there is also new special deals most weeks that take a new border to the restaurant. The Olive Garden within our area provides a beautiful outdoor patio area with fresh vining flowers covering the terrace. I chose this cafe because it is a good representation in the mid-scale cusine in American society. A final restaurant that we chose is a local favourite for a great dining knowledge called Protegers. Porter's restaurant is located in the heart in the older percentage of downtown. The building itself is a remodeled train depot that is elegantly themed to represent a history of the not simply the building, nevertheless of the town as well. There are plenty of local things on the menu which includes produce, award winning wine and cheeses. Porter's, while on the greater expensive area of cusine for our area, is known as a beautiful restaurant that provides those great occasions and special moments. While these three eating places represent an extremely different element of the cafe market, each of them hold their very own place inside the target consumers....



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